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Sneha was zooming in her camera to capture a beautiful pic of charminar, approximately 50 feet away from it. She always smiles when she is clicking a moment of her life…

Many people were passing by her… but one guy caught her eyes! She was overwhelmed by seeing him. He wore a black shirt and blue jeans, a fastrack watch on his left hand and sunglasses as it was a sun-drenched day. His hair was black and short, bit stylish yet decent. May be, a non-resident hyderabadi with smart looks!

After noticing him clearly, Sneha put her camera down and ran towards him by grabbing a rose flower (which was purchased a few minutes ago) from her friend’s hand.

She reached him and gave a ‘smile’ of ‘big relief’.

I miss you Bharath!”, she said by giving the rose she had in her hand.

Without giving a lull she continued talking to her ‘love’…

“Well, I never thought I would meet you again, here, in this place where we first met! I’m so happy now.. and this is ‘not another day without you.. Bharath!' It is a fortunate coincidence and I am grateful to God for making me to meet ‘my love’ again".
Bharath had inexplicable and puzzled looks on his face while listening to her words.

“Bharath, why don’t you talk something?” she asked him by holding his hand.

“Yes…what…what…I must talk? Actually, I’m…”

“OK.OK. Let me talk”, she interrupted him in the same way, as she did it in the past.

“You know, I really miss you and your talks, I miss the days we spent together talking on the phone for hours, the days we chatted on orkut…I miss your jokes and I miss…”

“Hey, Sneha! Time to leave now… C’mon!”, one among her friends was yelling at her.

“Yeah! Just a min Priya!”, Sneha replied.

“Ok Bharath, should leave now…I’m happy seeing you. Take care dear. Bye :)”, she said and waved her hand to him with a heavy heart.

Sneha never expected the same love in return from Bharath. Infact, she never expects anything. She never gave up her love on him, even when she knew that he had feelings on other girl. She just desired someone to know how true her love is. She smiles at every beautiful moment in her life. Many incidents took place in her life, which only made her heart strong and more loving and caring.

Next day…

Bharath called to Sneha's friend and asked how she is feeling right then.

“Yeah, she is so happy after seeing you near charminar. One thing, she still loves you with all broken pieces of her heart. She just needs you to know her love and respect it. She doesn’t need your love back in the form of sympathy. Hope you understand it… and doctors said that she can live only for two more months due to this cancer attack! Pray for her to be cheerful till the last moment, Bharath. Do you have anything more to ask?”

“No, nothing. I just miss her and I’m sorry for not showing the love she wants.. As you know, I’m already in love with my girlfriend. Anyways, take care of her. I will pray to god. Bye.”

And… then, for Sneha that was the last day of meeting her ‘love’. Her eyes were filled with hope, heart which has faith, and reality became her memory. She made sure that the smile on her face stayed till the last second of her life. Few people say, “Nothing lasts forever”. But, she says replace ‘nothing’ with ‘love’ :) and so her love for ‘Bharath’!

I may not be alive forever, but my love for you is never dead. <3

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  1. sankar86us Says:
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  1. gowtham salamala Says:

    blogger ammayi kabatti abbayilani love chese stories rasthadi...............
    koni rojulu ayaka abbayilu antha mosagallu antadi

  1. ... Madhumathi ... Says:

    Sankar .. nenu ippude start chesa rayadam.. :) so, okka story tho na blog ni ila declare cheyyadam em bagaledhu :) wait for few days...may b i'll get few more stories to present.. sorry if dis story hurts u! :) :(

    @Gowtham - Nenem ala cheppaledhu :) okka sari sankar ki rasina comment chadhavandi.. if dis story hurts u so much.. m really very sorry for u nd to those ppl who showed dis blog to u.. :) wait few more days for another story.. hope i'll rite a story on a boy! :)

    Anyway.. thanks to both of you for reading it patiently.. :)

  1. sankar86us Says:
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  1. SAGARS Says:


  1. ... Madhumathi ... Says:

    Thanks sagar if u really like.

  1. Avi Says:

    Well well well, Seems like the Angel is evolving into a Fairy ;-)

    Rocked it MM! (If itz your first story)


    And don bother if itz a boy or girl, caz itz the heart that matters and not the gender.

  1. ... Madhumathi ... Says:

    Thanks alot avi :) Yea, its my first story fortunately :)

    thanks for d read!! :)

  1. Samchari Says:

    i really liked it very much.. reality ki daggara undi.. and most of the boys ee rojullo alane unnaru :X

    madhu cheppindanilo ye mathram thappu ledu..

  1. ... Madhumathi ... Says:

    Huumm... thanks annayya :) but, nenu oka story rasanu anthe.. boys ni thakkuv chesi em cheppaledhu.. adhi vice versa kuda avuthundhi :)

    thanks for d read!

  1. Chakoli Says:

    :) :)

    All about love an all :)
    nice touching story :)

  1. ... Madhumathi ... Says:

    Thanks chakoli !! :)

  1. Prathima gangadhar Says:

    Visiting you with smile
    loved your story very touchy-feely!!
    check out my site let me know what you feel :)

  1. Gowthami Says:

    hii madhu...

    Got here jus now...

    Hmmm...its cool..and lovely!

    paina valu cheppinatlu ikakda boys ni thkakuva cheitam em ledu...according to ur story he is already in love wid another person..

    right...But it is real hard practically i hope...loving without expecting it in return..I think..donno exactly ;)

    Btw..nice story...Keep going girl..I know u'll rock!!


  1. Manasa Says:

    Real story????

  1. Rachit Says:

    wow, great love story!

    Weakest Link

  1. Siddhartha Joshi Says:

    Hmmm...this is an interesting read...

  1. JosephAlsarraf Says:

    Nice story, thanks for the visit. : )

  1. Rupertt Wind Says:

    beautiful beautiful beautiful blog! mind if I steal the theme ( just kidding ), loved it instantly!

  1. Prashanth Says:

    Interesting...Madhu expecting more stories from U...

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